How to view Fixtures (App)

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When using the Drip App, there are two ways to view fixtures

Example A

  1. On the home screen – select Following
  2. In My Hub – Select the club your account is linked to.
  3. From the menu bar – select Fixtures
  4. To search specific fixtures, you can narrow the search filters by clicking the Filter on the very right of the fixture screen.
  5. A series of check boxes will appear, and you can begin to select the options you need. Here you can choose Club, competitions, rounds, league type
  6.  Once you are happy with the filters click on Show Results

Example B

  1. On the home screen – Select Following
  2. On my hub – (1) select Teams (2) Click on Add a Team
  3. Click on Football New South Wales
  4.  Select your Club
  5. select which team you like to follow
  6. A green tick will appear
  7. This will now appear in teams
  8. In your team view click on Matches this will list all fixtures
  9. If you return to the home screen all fixtures will appear in the calendar


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