How to merge duplicate accounts (For Club Admins) (Web)

Club Administrators

This article will demonstrate how to perform merge requests for duplicate accounts.

This is the process to follow when you attempt to create a member account and a message notifying you their email is already in use.


Note: The participant’s registrations must be approved to appear in the member’s tab. 



1. From the overview tab Select “Members” along with the top menu.


2. Select “Merge records request.” 

You can also merge non-dribl members here (state cup purposes)




4. This will open a new screen asking which accounts you would like to merge. 

Clicking the slider will turn it green, indicating that this is the account you wish to merge. 


This will allow you to connect multiple accounts into one. 

5. Once you begin the merge, you will have an opportunity to select the records you wish to merge together 



5. Clicking Submit will send this off to Dribl to approve and finalise. 



Once completed. Please contact Online support or dribl support



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