How to generate ID (Identification) cards for printout

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There may be occasions where there is a technical issue that prohibits access to the Dribl system

As these issues can occasionally occur, as manager of your team(s) it is important to be prepared with the required manual backup material – A printed paper copy of your team(s):

  1.  Member ID cards (instructions in steps below)
  2. Team Match sheet

Having these 2 pieces of backup material printed off and available in your kit bag to use on on any given match day, will ensure you can still complete the match sheet and player verification processes if the Dribl system is unavailable due to any technical issues.


How to generate ID cards for a whole team

  1. Click on the Teams (1) menu and then click on Filters (2) and select the relevant options to filter down to the specific team you wish to generate a team  A4 printout for


2. Once you have filtered down to the specific team you wish to generate a A4 ID card team sheet for – click on the Report icon (1) and then click on Member Card (2)


3. Click on the Generate button

4. Click on the Reports Menu

5. Click on the Download icon

6. Once downloaded this will display all team members on A4 pages.

You now have the option to a keep a copy of the team ID sheet via:

(1) Download – to Save an electronic copy of the PDF

(2) Print – Print a copy of the PDF to paper

All members that have been mapped to the relevant team will appear in the ID printout including all Players, Coaches, Managers and Team Staff.


(Optional) How to generate an ID card for one individual member

You also have the option to generate an ID card just for one individual club member. If you would like to do this follow the below steps:

Click on the Members menu and perform a search for the individual you would like to generate an ID card for

Once you have found the relevant member – repeat steps 2-5 above

This will generate the individuals ID card.

You then have the same options to print or save the ID card

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