How to enter scores in match sheets (App)

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One of the steps required to perform to complete a match sheet is for the referee and the home team official to enter the score for the match. The below article will explain how to perform this process via the Dribl App.

*** Please note- If the Dribl App presents both halftime and full time and if a game goes into extra time or penalties result in fields, you must enter both to complete the match sheet.



  1. Tap Following / (1)  Tap your Tem (2)
  2. In Matches select the relevant fixture
  3. In the game portal Tap on Match sheet
  4.  Select the Score option
  5. By tapping the area boxes, you can enter scores for both halves of the match. If the game proceeds to extra time and a penalty shoot, enter the scores as well.
  6. Tap Save
  7. A green tick will appear to indicate you enter the scores correctly


Note: If you believe the scores are wrong, you can lodge a dispute => How to submit a Dispute via the Dribl app


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