How to Bulk activate Dribl members (Web)

Club Administrators

This process will send a Dribl welcome email to the specified members at your club that you have created Dribl accounts for. This will allow those members to activate their Dribl accounts and create a password to login to the Dribl website or App (Both use the same login)

** NOTE – All members will need to be approved before they are allowed to use Dribl..

If you have not completed members approval into Dribl – please click here to view an article on how to perform these steps: How to review registrations in Dribl prior to making participants members


  1. Select Members
  2. Click on the Filters icon (1) to filter down the search results by the members you would like to apply access to eg. Coaches and Mangers (2) select Apply (3)Note: When filtering members, this can be applied to all roles.
  3. Select icon Bulk Activate Members
  4. This will open a new screen asking which accounts you would like to give Dribl access to (1) Clicking the slider will turn it green, indicating that this is the account you wish to give access to. (2) Select Next
  5. A warning message will appear This will send activation emails to the selected members. Do you wish to continue? Select Ok
  6. A Success message will appear
  7. This is an example of a welcome email


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