Dribl Backup – What to do if you cannot access the Dribl system (Web)

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There may be occasions where:

a) Your team will visit a venue that is known to have very poor phone reception – which will affect your ability to access any internet resources such as Dribl

b) There is a technical issue with the Dribl system.


As these scenarios will occasionally occur, it is important to be prepared with the required manual backup material for your team(s) of:

  1. Paper Match sheet template (printed out)
  2. Team ID (Identification) card page (printed out)


Paper Match sheet

  1. Download a copy of the paper match sheet template => Paper Match sheet link
  2. Print this page to A4 paper
  3. Using a black pen, write in the player names and FFA numbers for your team members (if any change on match day, can be crossed out and/or added to)
  4. Leave all other fields blank of Fixture details etc (this needs to be filled out when required on match day)


Team ID card page (optional)

  1. Login to Dribl admin => https://app.dribl.com/signin/
  2. Click on the Teams (1) menu and then click on Filters (2) and select the relevant options to filter down to the specific team you wish to generate a team  A4 printout for


2. Once you have filtered down to the specific team you wish to generate a A4 ID card team sheet for – click on Report PDF icon (1) and then select Member Card (2) option


3. Click on the Generate button

4. Click on the Reports Menu

5. Click on the Download icon for the most recent report download


6. Once downloaded this will display all team members on A4 pages

You now have the option to a keep a copy of the team ID sheet via:

(1) Download – to Save an electronic copy of the PDF

(2) Print – Print a copy of the PDF to paper



Process if Dribl system inaccessible on Match Day

Pre match

  1. Home team to provide the blank paper match sheet
  2. Home team specify team selections, then provide match sheet to away team to complete
  3. Away team specify team selections, then provide match sheet to match officials
  4. Both Home & Away teams utilize the paper A4 ID card verification process to verify the respective opposition.

Post match 

  1. Match Officials complete paper match sheet with all relevant match data
  2. Home team to take photo of paper match sheet and email to competitions@footballnsw.com.au  including a short summary of what the Dribl access issue was on the day
  3. Football NSW competitions team will transfer the data from the paper match sheet into the online Dribl system on the Monday following the weekends fixtures

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