How to manage De-registered Club members in Dribl (Web)

Club Administrators

This article will demonstrate the process to complete in Dribl when a club member leaves your club.

ie After a player/coach/manager/volunteer has had their de-registration request approved in the Play Football registration system

A: De-register the member in Dribl

  1. Click members along the top menu

2. Click edit member 


3. Click on the 3 dots next to their club roles and select de-register. This is will remove them from their roles in the club.

Note – The member will now have a red “De-registered” stamp next to their record for the relevant team.

B: Remove the participant from the team that they were mapped to

  1. Click on the Teams menu
  2. Select Map Members 
  3.  Click the minus “-” circle to “Remove Member”

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